The Nun film review. Directed by Corin Hardy. Distribution by Warner Bros Pictures. Ceryificate 15, released 15th September 2018.

I'm not going to apologise that I'm not the biggest lover of this franchise, part of The Conjuring Universe coming after two Conjuring films, two Annabelle films they had to make a film about a side character that had minutes of screen time in Conjuring 2. Valek the demon nun, who resides in a convent in Romania, this is the back story to this evil, to be honest I wouldn't have minded not knowing, as this movie is sooooooooooo boring.
Almost zero scares, and if you are a horror fan and know modern horror you only have to wait for the change in the music tone to guess when the non jump scares will come from. I even had a family member go to see this and actually fell asleep. I almost gave up, but I continued to the very long end, it is a film only for collectors though to finish their Conjuring Universe, as for me I won't be bothering to add this to my collection, unless I can pick it up dead cheap in the supermarket baskets as this is where this film is heading. Shame as I have a great affiliation to horror and this film does everything to actually put me off it and the modern genre of horror movies.