Pool Party Massacre film and DVD review. Floating Eye films present a film by Drew Marvick. Distribution by Bounty Films, UK. Certificate 18, running time 80 minutes.

As the cover art says Tits- a-hoy 'check' 'Gore a go-go 'check' 8 bit badassery 'check'  Pool Party Massacre if a complete throw back to slasher films of old, think of this as being a retro film, but actually set in our time.
The typical story of spoilt rich girls at a Pool Party being picked off one by one by some unknown killer, who is happy to find all the weapons to kill from the home owners garage. We have pickaxes through heads, death by lawn strimmer, claw hammer, tree saw to name a few. We get everything we require from this movie, blood, gore, boobies, bikinis and hot girls dying in awful ways. With this film being written by and also starring in is movie Drew Marvick who also directs, with some very clever gore effects by Katie Jacobs we have a very simple film that just works, you get everything you ask for when you purchase this movie.
Yes it ain't perfect then again you tell me a movie that is, the acting is bellow par, but is is a horror film we do not require Oscar winning performances, we just wish to be entertained, which this movie does, and doesn't outstay its welcome. For a film that most retailers are selling quite cheap go ahead and treat yourself, turn the lights off, have a cold one and some starchy snacks and you'll have a great time, with a lot of detail thrown in too for a low budget film is a bonus. We have a directors commentary from Drew Marvick ( and his mum) we get a location tour, gag reel, making of featurette, with cast commentary as well, with the best bonus a reversible sleeve with the other side looking like a retro DVD rental is brilliant.
For the entire package of a great effort on the DVD with a decent, funny gory film too, I give this movie 4/5****