Flatliners 2017 film review. Directed by Niels Arden Oplev. Distribution by Sony Pictures. Certificate 15, running time 110 minutes.

We all have demons in our lives, and all have done something we are not proud of, but what if you can have a chance of redemption this is what this film is about. It has practically the same storyline as the original movie 5 med students training to be junior doctors, with access to medical equipment decide to see if they can really experience death, and prove whether there is really an afterlife or just nothing at all. Each take it in turn to die to be ressurected, only they are haunted by demons from their pasts, such as a death caused by careless driving, a bullied student in high school, a miss treated ex girlfriend, and an accidental death in a hospital by negligence then covering it up, in fear of loosing their place at medical school.
Only in this film it is actually made to be a horror movie rather than some psychological thriller the first movie was. I'm being honest I liked this movie, it has been slated, with low internet scores, it does have some really creepy moments, with the main point, don't mess with death, and if you do you will be judged by your demons of your past.  These demons will manifest themselves untill you can right the wrongs of your past, almost admitting your sins to be forgiven.
The film is well acted by everyone involved, shame one character is taken out of the mix early, it still doesn't take away any of the enjoyment. A strange one where the reboot is actually better than the original, I'm going to be slammed for saying that, but I did enjoy this movie, and that is what movies are made for, enjoyment.
Yes it has plot holes, it isn't perfect but does have some genuinely good scares especially the creepy drowning man. If you have thought I'll give this a miss as it is just another Hollywood remake, just give it a go it may surprise you, I never expected to like this and was surprised, maybe you will be too.