A Quiet Place film review. Directed by John Krasinski. Distribution byParamount Pictures. PG13. Running time 84 minutes.

A quiet place is a strange film to actually put into any genre, although it has a horror element, it is very much a drama based movie about the family unit, and how to survive something completely alien to them, and do what every other family unit would do and that  is to try to protect each other and keep each other safe.

The film is told from the point of view of this one family, the film starts 89 days after some aplocalyptic event with no explanation but we have to work out clues for ourselves, it turns out these monsters have appeared on earth and are completely blind but have hyposensitive hearing, they are predators and react and kill when they hear sound. This family have survived because one of their children is deaf, and the family including the other children have to communicate using sign language.
The family have learnt to survive for so long as they live in a rural setting next to natural noisy sounds that hide their movements, including a river, and corn fields and Forrest trees that make a lot of natural noise. This film is a hard watch though not because it is scary, but it is hard to invest in a movie and characters when no one speaks. The first twenty minutes we have no dialogue, just a soundtrack to keep us occupied. The film isn't particularly scary either, with that superbowl advertisement, promising the scariest movie ever, it clearly isn't especially a PG13 movie rating. It does have moments it was almost included into the Cloverfield universe, but something to me lacked in this movie. Although Emily Blunt and the other actors tried, it is hard to be concerned about characters that we don't know, and especially don't speak. I so wanted to like this movie, it has its moments, but it is very slow, and I couldn't quite deal with the lack of dialogue. Some may think it's brilliant, I just thought it was very, very average.