The Unseen 2016 movie review. Directed by Geoff Redknap. Certificate 15, running time 100 minutes.

The Unseen a strange film in the vain of The Invisible Man for the modern age, the story of an every day man Bob Langdon, who suddenly decides to leave his family, leaving behind his 9 year old daughter, and working for a saw mill on the outskirts of some unknown small Canadian town. When getting a phone call one day out of the blue from his ex wife that their teenage daughter has not returned home one night. Bob returns home in the vain attempt to reconnect with his ex wife, and to locate his missing daughter, whilst at the same falling apart from an unknown condition that is making him turn invisible, body part at a time.
With some innovative and gross out special effects, including one scene when you can see through Bob's Stomach and see a rib broken, endured after a recent car accident. We see Bob as his condition gets worse, and is extremely painful, whilst searching his old home town for his daughter, who may or may not have the same condition as he has, and maybe the reason his daughter has now gone missing too.
What we have left with this film is not a horror but a slow burn thriller with a sci fi element thrown in.
We have a very slow movie that draws you in to Bob's predicament, we care about him, we learn the reason he left his family, and his eventual redemption of reconnecting with his estranged daughter.
It is really one of the best movies about love, loss and reconnecting with loved ones. It is very slow but it is this deliberate pacing that improves this great movie.
With amazing acting from Aden Young, and Julia Sarah Stone, makes this psychological crime thriller a must watch.