I Kill Giants movie review. Directed by Anders Walter. Distribution by Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment. Rated PG13, certificate 12 UK. Running time 106 minutes.

From the graphic novels by Joe Kelly comes this big screen adaptation of this great comic series. The story of Barbara who disappears into a fantasy world of demons and monsters, from the opening credits we are told about all the existence of monsters from the ages. We have Barbara who is always setting traps and putting all sorts of horrible unmentionable items to ward off monsters and giants. She carries a fanny pack that contains a magical hammer to fight off the most dangerous of giants, that eventually comes to haunt her very existence. This part of the film  is tremendous, although aimed at a teenager audience, it really is scary, and I watch a lot of horror movies, yet this has more scares and jumps, and scenes to make an audience uneasy than most other horror movies. This feeling of dread that Barbara is suffering, knowing this giant is coming for her and her older sister her legal guardian. We learn throughout this movie that Barbara has suffered from some unknown tragedy, and maybe the reason she has slipped into this fantasy world, she is seeing a therapist who is convinced of this, but is it all in Barbara's head or do monsters actually exist. What we have here is a movie that very cleverly deals with grief and loss, and how it can damage someone, it is one of the most genuinely moving movies about mental illness especially in the young, with so much being talked about adult mental health, children tend to never be mentioned. This movie is a great movie, although aimed at kids, many adults can learn from it, I've never known a film that has me in tears, yet also scared me all throughout the entire movie running time. The acting is superb throughout especially by Madison Wolfe who plays Barbara, Imogen Poots who plays her older sister is amazing, and is easily her best role to date.
An amazing emotional film that is also very scary too, with outstanding acting, although it is similar to When A Monster Calls, and Where All The Wild Things Are, this movie is easily the best of the bunch.