Wish Upon. Distribution by Vertigo Releasing. Directed by John R. Leonetti. Running time 90 minutes. Certificate 15.

AHH yes another generic horror movie, which is it about this time, a curse maybe? Ouija board games?, Spin The Bottle? a Doll? Truth or Dare? a cursed music box?
Yes you got it the latter, another teenage horror film set around high school, with every generic stereotypes ticked. Bullied kid, tick, spoilt girl, tick, a male friend who will clearly be your love interest, tick.
Yes this movie is like any other teenage movie ever made, and maybe not for the scenes of horror, it would've ended up on the kids Disney Channel. Even the kills are not inventive, trust me watch the trailer and it shows you all the deaths that are in the movie.
A film that is so like any other movie, it could've easily fitted in to the Final Destination movies, or even Ouija, Midnight Man, Bye Bye Man, and like all these movies easily forgotten. I'm glad I was given a copy of this movie, and not actually brought it, as I would've been pissed for spending my money on this turd of a film. Honestly avoid, but then again that is my opinion, and everyone has one, some may like it, but myself I'm getting sick of the PG13 horror shit coming out now to please the teenage market.