Party Bus To Hell 2018. Mahal Empire& Red Cardinal production presents a film by Rolfe Kanefsky. Release Date April13th. Not yet rated. Running time approx 85 minutes.

What more can be said about this film, apart from fun, fun, fun, and even better Tara Reid having top billing is killed in the first 10 minutes making this movie perfect for me.
Yes this movie is like Ronseal it does exactly what it says on the tin, a perfect grindhouse style movie never made to be taken seriously is why this movie is so ace.
A bus filled with party goers going to attend the Burning Man festival, break down in the dessert to be surrounded by devil worshippers, who happen to sense that the choosen one is on the bus, a virginual 17 year old who must carry the devils child. With outlandish deaths, buckets of blood, dancing topless lovely young ladies, eating body parts, drinking and writhing in blood, is the perfect T&A movie.
Even Devanny Pinn gets her lovely assets out.
This movie is pure silliness at the highest order, but I loved it, some movies are made to be soooo serious, when this is made with pure entertainment, made for laughs, just so ridiculously bloody, bootylicious, with boobs, and even better Tara Reid's delicious death at the start makes this my guilty pleasure of the year.