Midnight Man Dvd review. Distribution by Signature Entertainment. Certificate 15. Available on Dvd and digital Hd from March 12.

What do you get if you add Ouija, Bye Bye Man, with a little IT thrown in then blatantly copy Insidious you get the Midnight Man. I am being a little harsh as this movie, although instantly forgettable, it really does have its moments of great horror set pieces. The opening segment is outstanding, and quite sickening, but instantly draws you in, shame it doesn't keep the same pace, and expectations, as it is instantly followed by unlikable characters, and abysmal acting. Only Robert Englund and Lin Shaye's manic performance saves this movie. The gore effects are impressive though, the bath of blood, the throat cut, decapitation, and an explosion of blood, are thrown in, and are great ideas. Shame the rest of the script is underwhelming, as it has a great premise of a demon who likes to play a game, you follow his rules, you live, you break the game rules you die. With The Midnight Man knowing your deepest fears and memories, and using them against you. Play at the stroke of midnight and survive to 3,33 am you win the game, you break any of the game rules you die. It really is a great idea for a movie, but the constant darkness like Insidious, the gothic feel, seeming like an instant copy, the CGI Midnight Man being so not scary, the acting being poor, especially the lead actress with an annoying voice stopped me from enjoying it.
Shame as this movie with a different cast would've worked, although Lin Shaye's performance is wonderful and over the top, and acting like a demented, confused mental patient on too many drugs, she cannot save this very average movie from being yet another instantly forgotten horror clone when it deserves so much more, especially the excellent gore scenes.
Although not perfect, I have to give kudos to this movie because of the excellent gore effects, that are so different and original, I've got to give it a higher rating than it deserves so it is a 3/5*** movie.