Mother 2017, film review. Directed by Darren Aronofsky. Distribution by Paramount Pictures. Certificate 18, running time 121 minutes. Released 22 January 2018.

Mother, a fucked up story that is disturbing, unsettling, has divided audiences, and has  one of the most disturbing scenes in motion picture history. From Darren Aronofsky, the acclaimed director of PI, Requeim For A Dream and Black Swan. His latest, although at first confusing, is quite easy to decipher, about the old fashioned one of a Mother that is the backbone, the heart of any family, married to a man, who is a writer with writers block, that unfortunately have unexpected house guests arrive, that upset the household, and the day to day running of this house. When Mother actually gets pregnant, her partner suddenly overcoming writers block, and publishing a massive best seller. Suddenly followers and so called fans of the book and writer, appear at the house. Full of fanatics, delusional people. The whole time Mother is ready to give birth. With an ending that is equally disturbing, sickening, that has upset so many people.
This film has so many religious undertones, and once you decipher these, and understand the direction the director is taking you too, about the start of religion, the good, the bad the fanatical side of religion, you understand the movie more. A movie that is a tremendous film, with outstanding performances from all involved including a career best from Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffer and Ed Harris, even a creepy turn from comedian Kristen Wiig as a publisher.
The ending is horrible, and is deserving of the 18 certificate, even though sickening to watch, it is an amazing film, about religion, God, Mother Earth, and the early testament, that if you have any religious undertones will understand the violence, and very dark nature of this movie.