Fear Inc 2016 film review. Directed by Vincent Masciale, produced by Lone Suspect. Certificate 15, running time 95 minutes.

There is an urban legend about a phone number you ring, to get rid of someone. You ring this number, they say" they're busy" you hang up and they phone you back, if you don't give them a name, you or a member of your family will be next. Fear Inc works on the same premises a mythical service designed to tailor make the scare of your life, you just don't know when it'll start and how it will end.
Fear Inc is a rollercoaster of a ride, with more twists and turns than any scare ride.
The story of an Hollywood actor, facinated with all things horror, after going to a recent horror maze and being totally bored, he is given a business card for this company Fear Inc. so the day before Halloween he rings the number to hear them say " we're full" thinks no more of it, and whilst his girlfriend and his bestie and his wife are enjoying Halloween, mask intruders break into his mansion. He thinks it's part of the game from Fear Inc, and fails to take anything serious as people are dying, and being mutilated.
This is the genius of the movie, as you are left guessing is it really real? Is it a game? Are people really dying, or are they in on the joke. With the final third just mind blowing, the ending is nothing short of spectacular, " fade to black bitch" that'll keep you guessing won't it? With such low marks on all online sites is incredible as this movie deserves so much more. With it being marketed as a comedy, it has moments of dark humour, but is definitely horror, like Scream was meant to be a comedy but quite scary and bloody, Fear Inc in my opinion is this year's Scream.