Bite Film Review 2015. Directed by Chad Archibald. From Black Fawn Films, Breakthrough Entertainment. Certificate 18, running time 85 Minutes.

What can be said about Bite, apart from it has come from the David Cronenberg school of directing, a very subtle homage to The Fly, and influences from Naked Lunch, with the gross factor turned up to 100.
On the Paris debut of this film, apart from patrons being given sick bags on entry, two people actually collapsed whilst watching this gross fest.
Is it any good? That is a big question, I'm pleased it quickly turned away from the shaky hand cam footage early on, and turned into a real movie, in my favourite situations, a one room, one location movie, that works brilliantly from actress Elma Begovic point of view as Casey, whilst on her bachelorette, or as we say in the UK Hen party, she is bitten by some parasite living in water, whilst Casey is having serious changes in her mind about the wedding, as she is now home she is also going through various changes too, becoming more insect than human. Laying millions of eggs around her apartment, and turning it into a cocoon.
With the usual body parts dropping off, and lots of scream inducing puss from wounds, and yellow vomiting, that is seen frequently, if you are someone who gags at someone being sick, do not watch this, with Casey constantly regurgitating, and various liquid pouring from her mouth. It is a brilliant one person performance from Elma Begovic, shame the rest of the cast are not as good, as it has terrible performances from all the supporting actors, who in fairness are so bland, you have no qualms about their possible fates. With the film on gross factor, but still not as gratuitous as some other horror films I've seen, if you liked the Fly and Naked Lunch, give this a go. Although a little preposterous with the final third, and a deliberate set up for more movies, is a little disappointing, as a one movie this would work, but no doubt more movies will be made. It is a solid movie, well acted only by Elma Begovic, that will have you taking all your pre-jabs before you leave for any foreign holiday.