Netflix is an amazing streaming service, and is still one of the best, but the last few months has been unkind to the service provider. With many flops to its name, in producing its own content, 2017 has been a bad year.

Netflix is without doubt one the best streaming providers, bringing us original series's since 2013, namely House Of Cards, Stranger Things, and Orange Is The New Black.
All these are excellent TV shows, the service provider is now making original content in film production, but unfortunately a lot of the exclusive materials, or films has had critics seething.
Namely these productions, War Machine starring Brad Pitt, now proving he is now about 5 years without any hit film. To The Bone, a brave film about anorexia, becoming a clogged down romantic love story.
The two which really turned this now studio shit is two films, Little Evil, and Deathnote, both advertised as genre breaking movies, to showcase this service, but being the two worst films of 2017. Little Evil seemed like it was written like 20 years ago, like it would've been a horror comedy in the vane of Naked Gun, or Hot Shots, movies of the nineties, with a few modern twists added to the mix still does not save this comedy from being bogged down with sentimentality, old jokes, and quite simply an old script.
The worst example of Netflix's original content is Deathnote, which is in my eyes the worst film I have seen this year, so much so I cannot be bothered to even review it. Now I have no reference to the original Manga series, so I can't compare it, but I can judge on what I watched, which was so let down by a bad cast, dreadful soap style acting, some over the top gore scenes ripped off from the Final Destination franchise, with the only plus point going for it is the excellent voice acting from Willem Dafoe. 
With Netflix wanting its streaming service to be over 60% original  content, with price rises that have now been a steady stream for the last two years, with another price increase in the UK only this week, I myself cannot justify keeping paying for a service, that has less movies on, more of its own content, that apart from a few great series, is not worth paying for, especially if there is another price hike to fund all these crap new ventures.