Is Annabelle Creation a prequel to Corin Hardy's The Nun being released in 2018.

* May contain Spoilers.
A question was posed yesterday, the day after Annabelle Creation hit theatres this weekend, is Annabelle Creation a prequel movie to explain the Nun's existence.
Now this is a long shot you may say, as Annabelle is an Orgins story, but bare with.... With the main sub plot of Annabelle creation, about Sister Charlotte and her orphanage of homeless children, coming to live with Annabelle's creators, or parents, the fact Annabelle is possessed by the angry spirit of their deceased daughter. 
With the now Conjuring Universe with The Nun set for release in 2018, directed by Corin Hardy, and starring Tassia Farmiga, Charlotte Hope, and Demián Bichir, Nuns do feature a lot, especially being introduced to Valek in The Conjuring 2, it has been noted, and the credit is not from me but from another horror site, that Sister Charlotte could become the vengeful spirit that is Valek, that scares the hell out of Lorraine Warren, and the vengeful spirit in the Enfield Hauntings.
A crucial post credit sequence in Annabelle Creation is a great hint, to the rest of The Conjuring Universe.