Ibiza Undead 2016. Templeheart Films, directed by Andy Edwards. Distribution by Soda Pictures. Cetificate 15, running time 95 minutes.

I Don't Feel At home in this world anymore film review. Film Science, XYZ Films, directed by Macon Blair. Distribution by Netflix. Running time 96 minutes.

Is Bill Skarsgård's role as Pennywise The Clown in Stephen King's IT going to be as iconic and dark as Heath Ledger's Joker, as some reviewers are saying, and this will be the role that defines the young actor.

Is Annabelle Creation a prequel to Corin Hardy's The Nun being released in 2018.

The Atticus Institute 2015. Produced By Peter Safran. Directed by Chris Sparling. Distribution by Universal Pictures. Certificate 15.

What We Become DVD release date February 20th 2017. Distribution by Soda Pictures. Directed by Bo Mikkelsen. Danish language with English subtitles. Certificate 15, running time 77 minutes.

Michael Jackson and John Landis, the strangest collaboration in history that produced one of the most iconic music videos ever is getting the HD and 3D treatment.

Get Out review. Directed by Jordan Peele. Produced by Blumhouse Tilt. Distribution by Universal Pictures. Certificate 15, running time 106 minutes.

It turns out the two most profitable films this year are two small budgeted movies, and most importantly are horror movies, both incidentally are produced by Blumhouse, both got theatrical releases, and with cost to profit ratio are the two biggest films this year in profit making.