Monty Python the kings of comedy, also had some very brutal bloody scenes, these are my favourite.

Monty Python were the comedy geniuses of the seventies, with the Flying Circus TV show, including  four feature length films The Holy Grail, And Now For Something Completely Different, The Life Of Brian, The Meaning Of Life, and a very successful live show at the Hollywood Bowl. Four decades on and they are still relevant with the humour as they were then, miles above their time, with two many classic clips to choose from.
With fantastic animation from Terry Gilliam giving a very dark edge and humour, the one thing they did get right though was the very clever horror items they put into their comedy, through their many films and Tv shows.
I have put my favourite violent scenes together, and these are my top five.

5. How To Stay Hidden.

4. Salad Days

3. The Killer Rabbit.

2. The Black Knight.

1. Mr Creosote.