Bodycount is back with a disturbing video, that is bloody, violent, bold and full of body parts. Here I Go Again is no crappy pop anthem.

Ice-t is back and with his best band Bodycount, a band I saw years ago, and was mightily impressed, with a new single and video called Here I Go Again, and this is no Whitesnake version, a new great metal track with balls, body bits, face masks made of real skin. 
Yes this video is bloody, about a serial killer, with victims body parts around everywhere, with Ice-t the main character battling with his urges to kill. 
The single is taken from their 6th Sudio album Bloodlust, released in March of this year, with the track listing as follows
1 Civil War
2 The Ski Mask Way
3 This is Why We Ride
4 All Love Is Lost
5 Raining In Blood/ Postmortem 
6 God, Please Believe Me
7 Walk With Me
8 Here I Go Again
9 No lives Matter
10 Bloodlust
11 Black Hoodie