Mad Max Fury Road Black And Chrome edition. Released Monday 15th in the UK from Warner Bros Pictures. Certificate 15.

This finally gets a Bluray release on Monday 15th May in the UK, already available in a limited edition Steel book courtesy of Zavvi exclusive  for a few months now, although it may have  Sold out,  a film I'll admit previously hated, but on repeat viewings it has grown on me and it is an amazing piece of film making. I still stand by my original points I made that Charlene Theron is the true star of this movie, and a poor performance from Tom Hardy, every time he wears a mask he puts in a terrible performance " Blain anyone!!"
Still the action set pieces are incredible, and for some reason although visually perfect in its original cut,  the black and white version works, and you know improves the film making it look more gritty. Yes I prefer the black and white version, and it looks incredible in hi definition.
A limited edition that actually improves on the original movie. I was wrong about this movie first time round it really is incredible.