Bounty Killer movie review 2013. Raindance Entertainment, Kickstart Productions, Just Chorizo Productions. Distribution by Arc Entertainment, and Anchor Bay. Directed by Henry Saine. Certificate 18 running time 93 minutes.

The year is 2042, and the world is seperated into four groups, the survivors, the bounty killers, the gypsies, and the white collar CEO's. After a corporate war literally with major companies going to war, destroying the world and financial system as we know it, leaving the world in ruins, with the surviving CEO's and corporates going on the run with the rest of the worlds money, sounds like the world recession, and banking crisis of 2008 if you ask me. Anyhow a new government is set up, creating ultimate killers ( The Bounty Killers) to hunt down the surviving CEO's and kill them for the crimes against humanity " if only it could happen in real life" 
The biggest and most famous Bounty Killer is Mary Death a lethal killing machine, beautiful but ultimately deadly, and has more kills to her name than any other killer, she is a celebrity in her own right, and is feared among the remaining CEO's. 
When her partner Drifter ( Marsden) is framed by a newly formed Corperation, saying he is a white collar worker with a huge bounty on his head, she has the decision to take him down, or protect him from this powerful corporate Buisness, dead set on regaining power once more by using the two best Bounty Killers to fight and kill each other, so they can regain power once more.
A grindhouse style movie, with a graphic novel built in, with this movie actually being based on a graphic novel by Kickstarter comics by Jason Dodson and Henry Saine. Yes the premise is is a bit daft, but in this current climate of wealth not being shared equally, this movie is a left wing thinkers dream, if only we could wipe out corporate wealth, and all share the spoils, then again it will never happen as the small guy is trodden on. At least you can get enjoyment from white collar workers, being killed in brutal and violent ways.
With this movie directed by Henry Saine, and looking like a Mad Max style movie, made two years before Fury Road, and the set pieces are equally as impressive, so is debutant actress Christine Pitre as Mary Death, who is absolutely gorgeous in every way, and my perfect woman, dark haired, brown eyes, tall and just lovely.
Co starring British actor Matthew Marsden, most  famous if you live in the UK as Coronation Street bad boy Chris Collins, although he did star in classics Anacondas The Hunt For The Blood Orchid, Resident Evil Extinction, Rambo and the dreadful Transfomers Revenge Of The Fallen, sorry to be pedantic I shouldn't be harsh on a fellow midlander like my self, only being born a few miles from myself.
The film is in all honesty is a bit crap, the acting isn't the best, but the film is not trying to be anything else but enjoyable nonsense, it is incredibly violent, with comics strip blood and gore, with in fairness some great action set pieces, and some really good directed scenes, for a low budget production, it really is a bad film that is actually bloody good fun, I wanted to hate this, but I really couldn't, finding myself really enjoying the nonsense onscreen. 
It ain't going to win awards, some people may hate it and turn it off early, but in my opinion it is a fun movie, that you really need to give a go.
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