Train To Busan Vs The Girl With all The Gifts Film Reviews. Both very well made films, both featuring very dangerous infected beings, and two of the better Zombie type movies made recently.

Two very well made films, that is hard to separate, both having something in common a brilliant child actor in both movies. Both films dealing with not so much a Zombie outbreak but more a viral contamination, The Girl With All The Gifts, mutated spores from a fungus, that turn all who inhale into blood craving savages, and Train To Busan an airborne man made virus escaping from a chemical factory. Both having apocalyptic damage on the human race, both films being released the same month in the UK, one a slow moving storytelling experience the other is an andreline thrill ride for the entire running time. Both films amazing in their storytelling, both films extreamy well made and well acted, both for what looks to be a limited budget produces outstanding effects and makeup.

The Girl With All The Gifts starring three outstanding actors, Paddy Constantine, Gemma Arterton and Glenn Close, with the outstanding performance from young actress Sennia Nenua as Melanie, who although being infected seems to hold the key to beating the desease, she is intelligent willing to learn and please, and is practically human, apart from her urges to eat living things, with children being the second generation of this desease, and able to learn, are being monitored in an army base, and being dissected to find out through their neurological brain matter how this fungal infection attacks the brain, and how they are able to control it. When the base comes under attack from the infected outside, Sgt Eddie Parkes ( Considine) Teacher Helen Justineau (Arterton) and Dr Caroline Caldwell (Close) are determined to protect Melanie, as she is the future cure for mankind, and also enables them to walk among the infected. With some great action pieces spread out quite thinly, the infected do move and think as one when moving and attacking, very much like World War Z, but in my opinion looking like the rage infected in Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later. The film running at almost two hours is a slow plodding movie, but the performance from all involved makes up for the slow pace, the CGI does look impressive and the London setting, looking like the big budgeted I Am Legend, with trees and foliage growing in the unkempt streets, and shopping centres, seeing Barclays Bank and Lidl stores over grown with bushes, weeds did look Impressive.
The movie was extremely well made, but!!! And a big but was let down by a terrible final third, that made no logical sense, such a shame to go along for the journey and be let down by a very poor ending, still the movie is still worth the watch if only for Sennie Nenua a young star in the making, and the always reliable Paddy Considine, one of Britians most underrated actors.
A fine film, good set pieces, a little slow, brilliantly acted, just let down by a very strange ending.

Train To Busan review.
What can be said about this film apart from amazing, think of the Zombies from World War Z but better, then add the infected from 28 Days later, but faster and more aggressive then we have Train To Busan. A film that was so good I forgot about the subtitles, a film that made you care about characters and a film that is so real, and upsetting at the same time.
Although the story is about Seok-Wo and his estranged daughter Soo-An we care about every other character such as Sang-Hwa his pregnant wife Sung Gyeong, who we are so wanting to survive this viral outbreak. For a film that is mainly set on a train for its entire running time, it will leave you breathless, the scene where Seok-Wo and Sang-Hwa have to battle through 4 carriages of the infected to get back to their love ones is breathtaking 
I have not seen a film that kept me so much on edge, and left me speechless and completely blubbering like a fool. 
I said earlier it was two films about two great child actors, well Kim Soo-Ahn as Soo-An is beyond amazing for her young age, absolutely fantastic performance from the young actress, and the glue that Holds this movie together. The chemistry between her and her onscreen dad Seok-Woo played by Gong Yoo is quite simply remarkable.
This film is just sooo good it is hard to describe it, a film that I have not been so involved in, and that I really cared about, believe me see it, that is all I'm saying, easily the best movie I have seen this year and is easily a five star movie.