The Conjuring 2 (2016) film review. Directed by James Wan. Distribution by Warner Bros. Certificate 15, running time 133 minutes.

I haven't been the best critic on some modern horror, The first Conjuring I didn't like, Annabelle had its moments but still a rushed movie to tie into the Conjuring universe, Insidious Chapter 1, and its direct copy of a sequel Chapter 2, then Chapter 3 came out and blew me away. It seems a lot of care is now being put into sequels, and The Conjuring 2 is no exception, based on the Enfield hauntings in the late seventies in London, which was labelled the British Amitiville. Although a lot of theories have come out that it was faked by two clever teenage girls, and proven that they did fake some events for the cameras, if it was faked why are the two now grown women in their early Fifthties still messed up by the whole experience. Another reason no one could explain how one of the girls could teleport from room to room, and how her voice was actually taken over by a male entity. Why did I prefer this movie to the first, well mainly the British setting, for one, but being a child born in the early seventies I can remember and relate to the settings, the furnishings, the dreadful wallpaper, carpets, the seventies soundtrack was perfect.

Although James Wan has used a lot of creative licence, introducing a new character in the form of The Nun, obviously for the sole purpose of creating further sequels, which is the only downside to this great film, the crucifixes on the wall never happened either, and were only added to create more tension, especially for the scene where they turn upside down
This film does have a lot of unnerving scenes, The Crooked Man scenes are truly frightening and the film does have genuinely great moments including the old man 'Bill' and the chair 
Considering most of the cast are American, and Australian, you would never know as they nail the London accent. All kudos has to go to Frances O'Connor and Young Madison Wolfe who play Peggy Hodgson and Janet Hodgson respectively, the Mother and daughter plagued by this evil spirit in the house. Although The Warrens Ed, and Lorraine only really make a cameo appearance in this movie, as they did in real life, when they were always just witnesses to the event, which they stopped for just three days. Simon McBurney plays Maurice Grosse the original paranormal investigator who contacted the Warrens for their support. Although this haunting is famous for being more of a hoax, it doesn't stop this film from being a really good film, The Warrens are only a cameo appearance in this, with the true stars are Frances O' Connor and the excellent Madison Woolfe who plays Janet, who is plagued by this evil presence in her home.
Now a lot of people are saying that this film is maybe cursed, as there has been deaths associated with this movie, with a man in India dying in the cinema, then his body went missing between the time the Ambulance got him from the cinema, and his trip to hospital. I had a strange experience too, when my front door one late afternoon was knocked, and when I went to investigate no one was there, and this happened numerous times that afternoon, easily I assumed it was my neighbor who has young kids playing silly buggers, but the one time the door knocked and I was in the kitchen that looks out to my front door and I saw genuinely no one walk up our drive or even run away, something even I cannot explain, so watch at your own discretion. The DVD and Bluray does come with some impressive special features, and both versions come with an Ultraviolet code for your online movie library.

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