Stephen King's IT 2017 trailer finally dropped yesterday and it looks quite amazing, with a September 8th Release date for part 1 of this two part movie.

Stephen King' s IT trailer finally dropped yesterday and from what I can see it does not disappoint.
With this remake now in production since 2012, with various actors involved playing Penniewise the clown, and various directors involved. At least part 1 has been made and is looking at a September release, with this being directed by Mama director 
Andrés Muschietti, the Argentine director who did a great job with Mama, although not perfect was a very creepy film with a great performance from Jessica Chastain. Bill Skarsgård stars as IT, the Swedish actor previously known in Hemlock Grove, Simple Simon, Anna Karenina, with a September 8th release date we can only hope the film is a great as the trailer looks, then again most modern remakes do not generally work, so here's hoping that this horror does deliver and is at least a R rated movie.