Monster Brawl (2011) Written, produced, edited and directed by Jesse T.Cook. Produced by Foresight Features. Distribution by Anchor Bay Entertainment US, Momentum Pictures UK. Running time 90 minutes, certificate 18.

Following Vendetta, and Wrestlers Vs Zombies and keeping with the wrestling theme I give you Monster Brawl. Think it as mash up of Universal Monsters meets the WWE crossed with Mortal Kombat and we have Monster Brawl. Filmed like it is a live show, with two wrestling commentators giving a live wrestling commentary, with an introduction to each bout by Wrestling legend Jimmy Hart, surrounded by two scantily clad beauties.
With a short introduction to each monster, in a horror snippet, we have the eight monsters segregated into two groups The Undead Conference with Frankenstein, Zombie Man, The Mummy and Vampire
With The Creature conference Cyclops, Werewolf, Witich Bitch and Swamp Gut.
The very clever part of this movie is you forget it is a movie, it is like watching a live wrestling show like Raw, or Smackdown, with an excellent commentary from the great Lance Heriksen, including the fatalities call out in matches like in Mortal Kombat, we have a genuinely likeable film.
It is extremely low in budget, but you know I don't care, I loved this movie, with some great fight choreography, great wrestling moves, great fatalities onscreen, with easily my two favourites Frankenstein and Swamp Gut. With kudos to Momentum pictures in the UK for adding character cards in the DVD, actually good quality collectors cards, with a top trump feel to them, hell we even have special features on the DVD. For a film that is so cheap, it is remarkably rich in originality, funny, brutal, and a great 80 minutes of fun. The best part is, it is Currently selling in the UK in Poundland for guess what? A pound!!! Brand new item, with collectors cards, an absolute steel if you ask me, and you know I would have paid more for this fun movie.