Sequels love them or hate them, they will always happen, but every now and then a sequel can surpass the original.

Stephen King's IT 2017 trailer finally dropped yesterday and it looks quite amazing, with a September 8th Release date for part 1 of this two part movie.

The Funhouse Massacre 2015 film review. Directed by Andy Palmer. Produced by Petri Entertainment. Distribution by Shout Factory US, High Flyers Films UK. Also currently streaming on Netflix. Rated R, Certificate 18, running time 91 minutes.

Enemy Mine finally gets a HI-def release, "and about time" this great film believe it or not is celebrating its 30th anniversary, lovingly restored by Eureka Entertainment.

Fright Night 1985. Directed by Tom Holland. 30 th anniversary edition on Blu-ray.

Beyond The Gates (2016) Film Review, directed by Jackson Stewart. Distribution by IFC Midnight, Scream Factory. Running time approx 84 minutes, Rated R, Certificate 18.

Terrifier is a standalone movie featuring one of the scariest clowns to grace our screens in Art The Clown

The Crooked Man (2016) film review. Directed by Jesse Holland. A SYFY movie, R Rated running time 87 minutes.

Monster Brawl (2011) Written, produced, edited and directed by Jesse T.Cook. Produced by Foresight Features. Distribution by Anchor Bay Entertainment US, Momentum Pictures UK. Running time 90 minutes, certificate 18.

Big Ass Spider (2013) film review. Epic Pictures Group. Directed byMike Medez. Distributed by Epic Pictures Releasing, and SyFy Channel.Certificate 15 running time 80 minutes. Getting another VOD treatment from 14th March, For International Save a Spider.

Kong Skull Island has a deliberate reference to Cannibal Holocaust, and has been confirmed by director Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

Vendetta (2015) Directed by The Soska Sisters. Produced by WWE Studios. Distributed by LIONSGATE. Certificate 18, running time 88 minutes.

Diabolical (2015) Film Review. Directed by Alistair Legrand. Distributed by XLrator Media.High Flyers U.K. Running time 83 minutes, certificate 15.

Bad Milo (2013) Film Review. Directed by Jacob Vaughn. Distributed by Magnet Releasing

What may link the (2017) film Life, the new sci fi horror thriller starring Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhall and Rebecca Ferguson to (2007) Spider-Man 3.


Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn is officially celebrating its 30th birthdaytoday, with 1987 probably the best year ever for classic movie releases.

Pet (2016). Orion Pictures, Samuel Goldwyn Films. Released VOD December 2nd 2016 United States. On DVD and Bluray in the UK March 13th 2017, Distribution by Signature Entertainment. Certificate 18, running time approx 90 minutes

Imperium (2015) film review. Grindstone Entertainment Group, Atomic Features, Tycor Entertainment Film Company, Greenlight International. Distribution by Lionsgate US, Signature Entertainment UK. Running time 104 Minutes, directed by Daniel Ragussis. Rated R, Certificate 15.

Are we under the wrath of God with an angel, or demon seen in the skies over Zambia.

Lights Out (2016) Film Review. New Line Cinema, RatPac- DuneEntertainment,Atomic Monster Productions, Grey Matter Productions.Directed by David F. Sandberg. Distributed by Warner Bros Pictures.Rated R, US Certificate 15 UK. Running time 80 mins approx.

Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies (2014). A Troma release, directed by Cody Knotts. Running time approximately 88 minutes. Distributed by 88 films UK. Certificate 18.

The Belko Experiment being release on VOD this month. Released March 17th 2017.