Working to death at the moment, more working hours, less blogging hours, my apologies.

Just a quick update;
I apologise for lack of posts since Christmas, I have increased my hours at work now, working long into the A.M well 0200 AM to be exact, meaning I do not have time to watch films at this time, as I still have to do the school run every morning from 0700. So lack of sleep is slowly stopping my motivation to write on this blog, that I almost could do daily before. I will still try to write pieces and reviews, but will most likely be just a few times a week now. As I am now working weekends as well, when I did most of my writing, it is going to be difficult, but I will try to put stuff out when I can. My apologies once more, Unfortunately blogging in my case doesn't pay the bills, so work is more important to me at the moment, although having decent numbers on this blog, work will have to come first to pay the bills.