Is Signs a greater masterpiece than previously thought. Is M Night Shyamalan's film about Demons rather than Aliens and we have been watching the film wrong and assuming the Alien invasion rather than an apocalyptic Demonic invasion of Earth instead.

Out of all fan theories this one I heard the other day makes complete sense, it is about the movie by M Night Shyamalan Signs. The movie that is equally loved and hated at the same time, but with this recent fan theory makes more sense. The Theory is this.... The Alien's are actually Demons, it seems completely "out there" but when you actually break it down it makes complete sense, and actually improves the movie tenfold instead of an Alien Invasion it is actually a Demon led apocalypse.
1. The beings are never referred to as Alien's, we as a viewer just assume that to be the case.
2. The film is about Faith and loosing it, we see Mel Gibson's character grieving for his lost wife who died in a car accident, leaving him a lonely parent, no matter how much he believed in God and prayed for his wife, she still died.
3. The beings have Hooved feet like a devil, which has been the image for demons and the Devil since forever.
4. Mel Gibson's daughter in this is a celestial being, he refers to her as being an angel, from the first moment he saw her, now this point does seem far out, but still makes more sense than the original ending. She has a habit of pouring herself a glass of water, taking one sip then putting the glass down, now if she was an angel, by her putting her lips to the water and touching the glass she has blessed that water.
5. Why would an Alien race invade a planet made up of 80% of water, if that is the only thing that destroys them, it makes no logical sense, but now think of it this way. when the being is splashed with water near the end, it blisters because the water is holy water, the alien is actually a demon sent to test the faith of Mel Gibson's Pastor, when he realises this that is why they swing for all the half full glasses of water to destroy this being knowing the water is blessed and is holy water.
6. The Alien sign in the cornfield looks like a pitchfork another sign of the devil.
7. We hear of news broadcasts of people defeating these beings by using old methods, eg. Holy water and faith.
8. Mel Gibson's wife in film sees this whilst dying and warns her husband "to see" and to tell his brother "to swing" knowing his brother was an ex Pro Baseball player.

I cannot think at this moment of writing, but I will find more points and evidence to suggest this fan theory, if this does turn out to be true M Night Shyamalan is a genius, and this film that has been so wrongly hated by some, now makes more sense, and more people should give this movie a second chance. It is M Night Shyamalan's greatest work, and Mel Gibson's best screen performance ever, I've always liked this movie, now it makes even more sense.