An accidental discovery that turned out to be quite decent, shame it failed, but the prequel to Bluray which was Superbit.

How Suicide Squad could have been decent with just a few changes and tweaks, even David Ayer admitted that the movie would have benefited from the Joker having more screen time.

Blair Witch released on DVD and Bluray in the US 3rd January 2017 and23rd January for the UK. Directed by Adam Wingard.

Split is actually a direct sequel to Unbreakable and belongs in the same universe and timeline, M Night Shyamalan's biggest twist to date has finally come out.

Is Signs a greater masterpiece than previously thought. Is M Night Shyamalan's film about Demons rather than Aliens and we have been watching the film wrong and assuming the Alien invasion rather than an apocalyptic Demonic invasion of Earth instead.

Carnage Park released tomorrow UK Monday 23rd January, on DVD and Bluray. Distributed by High Flyers Entertainment. Directed by Mickey Keating, certificate 18.

Ghosthunters released on DVD only this week 16th January 2017 UK only. Certificate 18 running time 86 minutes.

Leatherface in the UK from Lightning Pictures is the sequel to Playing With Dolls 2 Bloodlust. The name has been changed in the UK to deliberately confuse the buying public, I repeat it has nothing to do with Texas Chainsaw or the Sawyer Family.

31 DVD review. Bow And Arrow Entertainment, Saban Films, Vertigo Releasing. Directed by Rob Zombie. Distribution by Precision Pictures, available only on DVD in UK, certificate 18, running time 98 mins. Contains strong bloody violence.

The best horror releases from last week, to this week all available on DVD, Bluray digital download USA only.

Some of the Bluray releases this week UK only I'm afraid. Some at very good prices if you visit a certain UK supermarket.

Working to death at the moment, more working hours, less blogging hours, my apologies.

Horror releases for USA and England 27th December/ 2nd January 2017.