Two new releases this week for the UK only Fear The Walking Dead season 2 and The Shallows, both available on DVD and Bluray 5th December 2016.

Just two major horror releases if you live in the UK this week, and that is Fear Of The Walking Dead season 2, and The Shallows, starring the very lovely Blake Lively.
Firstly is Fear The Walking Dead, which is available on a 4 disk DVD, and Bluray which I saw for £16,00 in Tesco's which is a bargain, not sure if it is a price cock-up as the retail price seems to be £25,00 everywhere else. It is also available as an 8 disk set including both seasons as seen in the middle picture above for £30,00. 
Fear The Walking Dead is like Marmite you either like it or hate it, well I though season 1 was decent, and had many disagreements on Twitter about it, then season 2 came out, and was only an exclusive on AMC channel available on BT TV services, I watched the first seven episodes before the season break, and was underwhelmed by how slow, the series was. With four yes four episodes stuck on a fookin boat doing fookin nothing, it did however get better, and the season break cliffhanger was very good, with an excellent Rubén Blades performance, the problem is I never did see the other seven episodes, as I cancelled my BT TV package to go back to Sky for one purpose only, to watch season seven of The Walking Dead, as BT lost the rights to FX channel midway through season 6 of The Walking Dead, and I had to buy the boxset to see how it panned out.
I have not seen The Shallows yet either, but will watch it this week, I was surprised to see for once the DVD has as many special features as the Bluray version, which is normally the norm only for special features as DVDs seem to be vanilla releases only now, but you also get an UltraViolet digital copy on all copies of this film, including the DVD version.
It also available on Bluray, 4K Bluray and Bluray Steelbook, but the steelbook is limited to only so many copies, but is available on Amazon and Zavvi for all those interested.
 The special features on The Shallows are as follows;

Deleted Scenes.
How To Build A Shark featurette.
Shooting In The Shallows featurette.
Finding The Perfect Beach: Lord Howe Island featurette.
When Sharks Attack featurette.