Horror news week commencing December 5th 2016, hope you enjoy, and keep horror real.

Horror news for the week commencing December 5th 2016. It has been a quiet week this week for horror news, but I have found some snippets of news, mainly the most exciting news of all and that is my favourite eighties film Steve Miner's House from 1986 is to finally get a UK release "yay about fookin time too"  but not just one film, but all bloody four movies. Proving that fan power does work, after a petition on Facebook to get this movie released, finally a crowdfunding campaign, that then convinced Arrow Films to release all these movies on Bluray. We get all four movies fot a UK exclusive, and for US fans only the first two movies in a double pack, and why only the two, it must be over distribution rights. I for once am going to be very boastful that the UK finally gets an exclusive which unfortunately never happens that regularly. 


Second weekly news story is that Trick r Treat and Krampus actually take part in the same universe, with people hinting and hoping it was the case, well a deleted scene has turned up to actually link both movies together, and it was a simple scene, whilst the fighting cousins are bickering in Krampus the camera pans to a box of candy, well left over Trick or Treat candy, and how do we know this?
No candy company would allow their brand in a horror movie, so the producers created some faux brands such as Hollie-Ho's and Lhotka’s, which can be seen in the box, and if you look extra closely you can see one of Sam's candy pumpkin lollipops. As both films were directed by Michael Dougherty, and Sam and Krampus are actually very good friends and not only holiday traditions.


Finally the last news of the week is the fantastic film from New Zealand Housebound is to get an American remake, New Line Cinema aquired the rights to this great film. At least the writer and director Gerard Johnstone will act as executive producer, with no writer or director choosen yet, the original film tells the story of a rebellious young girl, forced to live at home with her parents under house arrest, the trouble is the family home seems to be home to a malevolent spirit, that has very much come alive since the return of the the young woman. With twists turns, and a film that truly turns the horror genre on its head, I'm hoping it doesn't destroy this great independent jem from New Zealand, a film that even got the attention of Peter Jackson, New Zealand's greatest export.