DVD, BLURAY and VOD Horror releases for the US only, all available from Tuesday December 6th, hope this is helpful and enjoy, and keep horror real, robabob signing out!!

Just so you do not think this is a UK only site for DVD and Bluray news, well I do try to put info on for both sides of the Atlantic, well these are the horror releases for USA only.......all available from Tuesday 6th December, on DVD and Bluray. With Siren looking like the one movie I really want to see, but unfortunately is not available for me to view yet in the UK, but is a continuation from the short story in the original VHS horror anthology. We have Henry Portrait Of A Serial Killer celebrating it's 30th anniversary, also above is the original Phantasm remastered on to Bluray. We have Crackle's Dead Rising Endgame, the continuation of the popular video game series. Finally we have Devils Dolls, which I'm informed is actually streaming on US Netflix at the moment.
So all available from yesterday December 6th, to buy on DVD and Bluray and on VOD.
So enjoy, and look out for them.
Available also but only for a limited time and for some reason (Canada only) the film below that has been famously banned from iTunes for its inappropriate subject matter and that is Bunny The Killer Thing, about a mutant rabbit intent on putting his large ahem thing, into any woman or male at a cabin in the woods style slasher horror, which is Finnish produced, with English and Finnish subtitles. Not sure how many copies it is limited to, but I have been told is available on Amazon.com in a two disk set gatefold sleeve and various art cards.