Ghoulies (1985) Bluray review. Distributed by 101 Films UK only. Directed by Luca Bercovici . Certificate 15, running time 77 minutes.


Ghoulies the 1985 classic, and in my opinion to cash in on the recent Gremlins, creature features were the new norm, after 5 years of slasher movies, followed by numerous sequels, and other copycat movies such as Critters, and Basket Case. With in my opinion Ghoulies 2 was actually better as a sequel and a stand alone film than the first film, that gives barely any screen time to the infamous Ghoulies. A film more about Devil Worship, than little demonic creatures, a film so set in the eighties, you have the mullets, the sunglasses, the big hair, you have the stereotypical characters, the two stoner dudes, the jock, the nerd, the sleazy lady. We have Killer Clowns, Dwarfs, A Zombie Devil Worshiper, and the little Ghoulies themselves, that are barely seen in the first movie. With absolutely nothing happening in the first 45 minutes, with it only being a 77 minute film, is not a good sign, but eighties movies did have a habit of dragging out character development in films, rather than getting straight to the action, and I believe as a decade we were more patient then, but expect more gore, and more jumps, early on in modern films.

Ghoulies Plot summary;

Jonathan (Peter Liapis) begins to dabble in the occult after moving in to a mansion he has inherited, after finding books on the occult. It isn't long before he unleashes a flurry of nasty supernatural creatures  'Ghoulies'- and accidentally resurrects his dead father, involving all his close friends and unsuspecting girlfriend in a drunken worship of the Devil.

The film is incredibly cheap looking, and being set just in one location to keep costs down, terrible acting is throughout, and the film is terrible, but strangely enjoyable terrible, if that makes sense, the fact it is so eighties, is what makes this movie. It is still my favourite decade for horror, and even the crappy nostalgic films are still a dam sight better than most modern movies we have today. With eighties nostalgia coming back with a vengeance with the release of the Super NES mini, selling out all over the world, and the fact Vinyl records and decks are outselling  digital music, CDs and CD players, with great companies like Arrow Films, 101 Films, and 88 Films who release these long forgotten eighties jems onto Bluray with special editions, with such love and affection is to be commended, especially for the old school collectors like myself.

You can get Ghoulies 1&2 on a limited edition steelbook edition released in the UK by 101 Films in the UK only I'm afraid, but those with multi region Bluray players can still watch these crappy, but good eighties classics. 3/5⭐️⭐️⭐️

RELEASE DATE: 10th October 2016

A double dose of the comedy-horror Ghoulies films for nostalgic fans.


Ghoulies 2

The demonic, toilet-dwelling creatures return in 'Ghoulies 2'. To begin with, they put some spice into Larry's (Damon Martin) failing carnival show. But it isn't long before they've seriously out-stayed their welcome.


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