Halloween (1978) Film Review. Produced by Deborah Hill. Directed by John Carpenter. Distributed by Platform Entertainment UK,Stars Media, Anchor Bay US. Rated R US, certificate 18 UK. Running time 91 minutes

The worlds worst secret, The God Particle is going to be the third movie in the Cloverfield Universe, produced by J.J. Abram's once more and his production company Bad Robot.

On this day today 27th October Wes Craven's Shocker was released in 1989. Getting the Scream Factory Bluray Treatment in a Collectors edition, and finally getting a Debut UK release on December 5th.

Thir13en Ghosts released today 26th October 2001, celebrating its 15thbirthday, produced by Dark Castle, directed by Steve Beck. Certificate15, running time 90 minutes.

Maximum Overdrive(1986) Film Review. Directed By Stephen King.ProducedBy De Laurentiis Entertainment Group.

Trick Or Treat released on this day October 1986. Sadly due to copyright, and other issues is no longer available on any digital format, unless you own the 1987 VHS copy.

The Walking Deceased (2015) film review. Translucent Entertainment, Aristar Entertainment. Directed by Scott Dow. Distributed by Signature Entertainment UK. Certificate 15, running time 88 minutes.

The Evil In Us (2016) film review. Raven Banner, Sandcastle Pictures. Directed by Jason William Lee. Distributed by StudioCanal UK as part of The Horror Vault. Running time 88 minutes, certificate 18.

On this day in 1987 this underrated film was released.

Horror news October 22nd 2016.

Southbound (2016) Film Review. Production company Willowbrook RegentFilms, distributed by The Orchard US, StudioCanal UK. Directed by RadioSilence,Roxanne Benjemin,David Bruckner,Patrick Horvath. Rated R USCertificate 18 UK. Running time 89 minutes.

Wolf Creek (2016) TV Series Review. Emu Creek Pictures, Banjay Entertainment. Distributed by Stan, Australia, Fox UK, Eureka Entertainment DVD and Bluray UK. Certificate 18, running time 292 minutes.

Christine-Film Review (1983) Directed by John Carpenter. Distributednow by Powerhouse Films and Indicator UK. Certificate 15 UK. Runningtime 110 minutes.

All Through The House (2015) Film Review. The Redmond Company. Directed by Todd Nunes. Distributed by 101 Films UK. Certificate 18, Running time 101 minutes.

A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) Film Review. Directed by Wes Craven.Distributed by 20TH Century Fox. Rated R US, certificate 18 UK. Runningtime 92 minutes.

News round-up for this week Monday 13th-Sunday 19th October.

Predator could be a sequel to the 1987 original, hinted Shane Black. With the movie world increased confidence in this man, every fan is hoping he will deliver, and produce a movie as equally as enthralling as the original Predator 1987.

The Mutilator (Fall Break) 1984 film review. Directed by Buddy Cooper. Restored and distributed by Arrow Films. Certificate 18, Running time 86 minutes.

Psycho (1960) Film Review. Distributed by Paramount Pictures.Directedby Alfred Hitchcock.

i-Lived (2016) Film Review. Bleiberg Entertainment,Ministy Of Content.A film by Franck Khalfoun.Distributed by XLRATOR Entertainment,US,Second Sight UK. Certificate 15, running time 92 minutes,released 11thJuly 2016.

A rant on modern life, when the days of buying what film you like from your local store has long gone, forcing us all to rely on the online market. Is it so hard to buy a hard copy of the film you actually want.

The Bogeyman (1980) Film Review. Directed by Ulli Lommel. Distributedby 88 films UK. Rated R US, Certificate 18 UK. Running time 88 minutes