Wolfcop 2 is finally in production. Directed once more by Lowell Dean. Also returning Leo Falfard, as Cop/ Wolfcop Lou Garao.


Yes you have heard right, the amazing Wolfcop from 2014 is finally in production for a sequel, with a graphic novel series approved as well, written by Max Marks, with art by Arcana Studios. 
Lowell Dean returns as director once more and we are promised more violence, more booze from the alcoholic cop, more hair and fuzz, and apparently more Wolfcop's. With the poster a parody of Sylvester Stallone's Cobra from the eighties.Alcoholic cop Lou Garou is back, hairier than usual, to stop a Buisness man with dishonourable intentions, that seduces its residents with financing the local Woodhaven Hockey team, and promising locals with jobs at his brewery.
The original movie was a fan favourite, and even I gave the movie five stars, it was crowd funded, and what a great idea, and movie it was. Returning is Leo Falfard as Lou Garou, with Amy Matysio, Jonathan Cherry, Laura Abram to name a few of the cast members. I for one cannot wait to see this great film, and it's progress with hopefully a great sequel, I will let you know more during production, and hopefully when a trailer and release date is available.