Paranormal Sex Tape (2016) film review. Written by and directed by Dick Van Dark. Released on VOD from April 2016. Running time 67 minutes


I knew this would grab your attention, this very amateur British produced film, so called based on a true story, about a woman being plagued by some demonic presence, captured on tape, after she agrees to a sex tape being filmed, after a one night stand.
This film though believe me is incredibly bad, yes it has nudity and sex scenes, but absolutely no story, no dialogue, just a woman walking around aimlessly through the streets of London, being filmed. With scenes that switch to psychedelic images for no reason at all. With I'm convinced the same images and some scenes used twice. The film is shockingly bad, and like porn movies that try to be something other than porn fails miserably. It is so hard pardon the pun, to find out any info about this very crap movie, it does have a pretty blonde actress in this, if that is what you call her, but she does have a great body. With a demon pair of hands, looking like they were purchased for a Halloween party from a dressing up shop, this movie is incredibly bad, but it is only over an hour long, that still doesn't grab your attention unlike porn would, so out of curiosity you may be tempted to see, but personally I wouldn't bother, but I will put the trailer on for you to make up your own mind.
It is bad, but for being so bad, and for making no sense at all, but at least trying I will give this 1.5⭐️ out of five.

Paranomal Sex Tape trailer