Assault On Precinct 13 1976. Directed by John Carpenter. 40th anniversary edition, distributed by Second Sight. Certificate 15 running time 91 minutes. Available on DVD and Bluray 28th November 2016.

Two years before he made horror cool and terrifying with Halloween, John Carpenter came up with this violent masterpiece. A story that has been copied, and influenced other directors, and many other action films made since. Assault on Precinct 13 is a classic, there is no way to deny that, filmed on a tiny budget at the time, and being filmed in just one location to save bucks, just works.
The story of a police station under siege, from a bunch of criminals, with a skeleton crew, on a night shift, determined to protect this building at any cost, with super violence, with one of the best body counts, over 50 in total, oh don't ask for vanilla twist from the ice cream man either, this film is incredibly violent, incredibly tense, with a great soundtrack by the master himself John Carpenter.
It is getting the full hd Bluray treatment, from the distribution company Second Sight. Believe it all not this film is celebrating its 40th birthday this year, and this film is jammed packed with special features, and they are; 

Limited Edition Special Features

Newly restored from High Definition 1080p transfer

DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and Uncompressed PCM original mono audio options

Return to Precinct 13: A new Interview with Austin Stoker 

Producing Precinct 13: A new interview with Joseph Kaufman

Filmmaking with John: A new interview with Tommy Lee Wallace

Captain Voyeur : John Carpenter student short (Blu-ray exclusive)

 Do You Remember Laurie Zimmer documentary film (Blu-ray exclusive)

·Interview with John Carpenter and Austin Stoker

The Sassy One with Nancy Loomis

Audio Commentary with John Carpenter

 Audio Commentary with Tommy Lee Wallace


Radio Spots

5 Art Cards (Limited Edition box set exclusive)

 Bonus CD soundtrack disc (Limited Edition box set exclusive)

English subtitles for the hard of hearing

       Region 2 and b coding only for European countries.