Ash Vs Evil Dead First Season. On DVD and Bluray from 19th September 2016, certificate 18. 20th Century Fox.



From Starz comes finally onto DVD and Bluray Ash Vs Evil Dead, a TV show that was never picked up on any UK network,but if your lucky enough to own an android box,or know how to get TV shows online,most of us have seen this great show anyway.  Starring back on form once more Bruce Campbell,and an Evil Dead franchise that is actually fun once more,instead of the very serious,and incredibly gory 2013 version. Ash after a drunken one night stand,with a lovely young lady, to impress her he reads from the book of the dead, unleashing the ancient evil once more,and the Deadite's are out In force possessing anyone and everyone in an attempt to get Ash's soul. With help from his two co-workers,chainsaw, girdle to suck in his gut, Ash is well and truly back,with his deadpan sense of humour,with extreme efficiency in sending Deadite's back to Hell. Created once more and written by Sam Raimi,with him directing many episodes this series is a must own in any collection, and I'm damm sure gonna own me a copy of this great series.
As going to press, I'm not sure if this is a vanilla release,so not sure if it contains any extras,but all 10 episodes are on this on a two disk set.