Wer (2015) Film Review.Film District,Sierra Pictures,Incentive Filmed Entertainment,Prototype,Room 101, inc. Directed by William Brent Bell. Distributed by FilmDistrict US Entertainment One UK. Available on DVD and Bluray. Rated R, US, certificate 18 UK.Running time 89 minutes.


This is one of the best  werewolf movies made in recent years,with such a realistic monster,and actually using medical definition to explain the condition that the character Talan Gwynek ( Brian Scott O' Connor) Is suffering from a rare condition all his life,where he is blessed with far too much body hair,but being extremely tall,due to his bones being too large,but also making his everyday life painful,as he can barely move without pain and discomfort. Yet he has been arrested for a brutal slaying of an American family near his family plot,in a savage yet almost animalistic attack.
With an American human rights lawyer Kate More (A. J. Cook) who believes Talan has been unfairly arrested,treated like an animal,and is determined to prove his innocence,alongside her colleagues Eric Sarin ( Vik Sahay) Gavin Flemyng ( Simon Quarterman).

The three are determined to prove that Talan has this rare condition,that is actually controlled by the term Lunar Effect,that has actually been proven to change the behaviour of people over the millennium,if the moon can control the worlds tides,why cannot it effect certain humans,with the human body made up of over 75% water,why cannot the full moon change and control someone's behaviour. The problem is when Talan is tested in a laboratory environment,and given strobe therapy,he turns into this violent man,easily taking out all the doctors and police officers,and is soon on the run,with a full moon on thr horizon,are they actually going to stop this man monster.
When I first started watching this movie,I was wondering why it had such a strong rating,it soon became apparent,why the 18 certificate was given,with Talan literally ripping people apart,with entrails,jaws being ripped from faces,and more realistic bloodshed I have seen in any movie.
I liked this as Talan doesn't actually turn into a werewolf,but has superhuman strength,and animalistic qualities,rather than a wolf,and is actually being controlled by the power of the moon,rather than being bitten by another creature.

This film is a French/American production,with it being spoken in French in subtitles,and English,which possibly explains why this film is so good,with French cinema being so good and influential on this world. With a superbly acted film throughout,that as a watcher your rewarded with your patience for the slow start,and medical,and legal jargon early on,to one of the cleverest,and actually scientific take on the werewolf phenomenon. The ending did disappoint me a little,with it reminding me of the nineties film Wolf with Jack Nicholson,and James Spader,with two Wolfman creatures kicking living hell out of each other. It is still a great movie though,even with a little bit of a ripoff ending to another film,it is one of the best films I have seen based on werewolves I have seen in ages, and like the film the Afflicted,using a different take on the vampire genre,we have some very clever writers and film makers out there using their brains,and talent to make great films,with different edges.
A fantastic movie,bloody gruesome,but incredibly realistic.