The Giver (2014) Film review. Distributed by The Weinstein Company. Produced by Neil Koenigsberg, Nikki Silver. Directed by Phillip Noyce. Certificate PG13 US, 12 UK,running time 97 minutes.

The Giver by Lois Lowry the book that inspired all the other novels,The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Divergent series,the original apart from George Orwell's 1984,about a vile distopian future,called Sameness,where all emotions are controlled by a daily drug,no colour is seen,so no diversity between skin colour,no religion,everybody is the same,almost a very sick version of communism,where everyone are equals. Where their entire life is watched and monitored,almost like a Truman Show,from birth to adolescence,where 16 being the magic number they are divided into certain work groups, Birthing Mothers,Drone Pilots,Carers,and Fathers involved in the sickest part of this movie Releasing,or in charge of euthanising the old in society and the very young,or babies that don't make a certain weight or a certain point of development. The one scene In the book,that has had script writers cowering,and producers not wanting to touch this great movie,as the one scene a baby is injected,allowed to die,and just simply and callously put into a plain box,and shoved into an incinerator. This is what makes this movie,and book one of the darkest of all the distopian movies,a scene that needed to be left in,but is absolutely horrible to watch,but is the crucial scene that makes the Reciver decide that this world,needs to stop.

Brenton Thwaites, is one of the greatest up and coming young actors, making his debut In this,and going on to star in Son Of A Gun, The Signal,with Odeya Rush another star in the making,starring in this and Goosebumps the Movie,as the two main characters Noah and Fiona,friends from birth,but having no emotions never realising their feelings for each other. Love is a word never used,and is an emotion long forgotten,the main reason behind Noah's decision to end this emotionless world,to return all the memories of a long forgotten world,suppressed, memories of what makes every human being, just that....... Human. Starring Jeff Bridges as The Giver,the only person In this society to have knowledge of the previous world,a holder of memories,in which it is his job to pass his knowledge on to a choosen person Noah (Thwaites) who is given the Job as receiver of memories and knowledge. With these emotions he cannot allow this world of forgotten memories,of lives where we were all once human,individuals,capable of loving and hatred,good and evil,that although the latter can never be controlled was worth bringing back,as with all opposites,the opposite to evil is good,that always counteracts, and overcomes evil.

I will say that this is easily the best of all other distopian movies,a movie that is equally horrible,but a movie that has more hope,and humanity than any other movie, all plaudits going to Jeff Bridges who has owned the rights to this movie and pushing for two decades to get it made.This book is studied in schools in America,this film is equally as important,a film and book that shows even more so, how important it is to be human,to love,to hate,be good,and evil is what makes every single person on this earth human.To take away these emotions,that having no idea what is right and wrong,with no concept  of love or loss,has no place in any future,and the most important thing is humanity,yes we are all flawed,but this is the one thing that in the end makes us human.
With this film being acted so well with outstanding performances from legends that are Meryl Streep,and Jeff Bridges,to the fantastic young cast of actors making this film a must see. It is a horrible movie,one of the darkest I have seen,but one of the greatest movies of hope I have seen also.
A truly outstanding piece of work.