The Banshee Chapter (2013) Film Review.Directed by Blair Erickson.Distributed by XLrator Media US,and 101 Films UK

We all have that lingering feeling, is there something out there? other dimensions,realms,is ours the only reality ? ,or maybe with a help of a drug you could see,far beyond worlds.
This film asks this question,and my goodness the answers are bloody terrifying.
Based on H.P Lovecraft short story The Beyond,we have a journalist,determined to look into the controlled drug experiments done,on Americans from the Sixties,into the seventies.
Which did really happen,as the freedom of information act,must release documentation,with a clip of Bill Clinton from the nineties,then president,making an apology at the start of the film,with the American involvement of these tests.
When this drug,comes to light,the journalist takes it,experiences severe paranoia and disappears,with his friend,and former colleague determined to find the truth.
What if a drug can be made,to open up your mind to see other worldly things,beings that are evil in definition that has manipulated the human race into creating this drug using white noise,and radio frequency's,by giving random genetic code,during broadcasts.

This is that idea,a drug opening a gateway,to open up another world,then use that person as a conduit,whilst being possessed to get other souls,through touch alone.
This film is incredibly really scary,not using jump scares,but building up to moments,that are incredibly creepy,and unnerving. A film that strangely reminded me of a film called White Noise,and the drug aspect seeing unworldly things the Film Max Payne,with the drug,or liquid remarkably the same blue colour. 

A fantastic film,produced entirely by Zachary Quinto,who you may know as Sila from Heros,and Dr Spock of the new Star Trek movies,also not his first time dabbling in Horror,with ongoing roles in the American Horror Story. A scary film about the dabbling in mind expansive drugs,with terrifying results,and a fantastic debut from writer and director Blair Erickson,with a brilliant cast of Swedish actress Katia Winter, as Anne Roland,the journalist determined to find the truth,with another excellent performance from Ted Levine as Thomas Blackburn,a conspiracy book writer,and constant pain in the ass to the American Government.
A very unnerving,and at times genuinely scary  film.