Scary Movie 5 (2013) Film Review. Brad Grey Pictures, Dimension Films. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee Distributed by Dimension films,and The Weinstein Company. Entertainment In Video UK. Certificate R, 15, running time 89 minutes unrated version.

Call me sad but I do like these movies,firstly written by the Wayne's brothers,then being taken over by the geniuses behind Airplane,Top Secret,Naked Gun and Hot Shots,  David Zucker,with number 3 being my all time favourite, one because it stars Charlie Sheen,and Leslie Nielson,secondly it really is balls out funny. I can remember 2004 being a turbulent year for me, especially around the summer months,well this film was available to buy, so I got it and for eighty minutes it made me forget my problems,with the main send up of another favourite movie of mine Signs.
Well I like number 5 as it is a sequel of sorts to number 3, with Charlie Sheen,and Simon Rex reprising their roles once more,this time as a send up to Paranormal Activity and Mama,with in my opinion the best nod to Evil Dead 2013,that actually beats that movie in one five minute parody section.
Starring this time Alien's In The Attic,and High School Musical's Ashley Tisdale,as Jody Sanders wife of Dan Sanders (Simon Rex) from Scary Movie 3. Shame Anna Ferris isn't in this movie,but she quoted  "she was too old for the franchise now".

With hit and miss jokes and set pieces,that most comedies have these days,with some failing miserably,such as the Black Swan parody,and the Mexican housekeeper,but with the Mama theme running throughout,and the great performances from the little girls,and the stand out of the film, reading from the Book Of The Dead, Turning all thier friends at a party into Deadite's with self harm being used to the extreme,with the tongue cutting scene,and various limbs being amputated. As I said before,that one scene makes this movie,with Ashley Tisdale proving she still has all her comedy talent learnt from her time as comedic relief on High School Musical. Charlie Sheen is a misleading admission to the poster,as Infact he only has a cameo in this movie,same as Snoop D,apart from those small rants,you know it ain't a bad movie,and you know I picked it up at Poundland on Bluray for guess what a pound. If you haven't seen it give it a go,I still preferred Anna Farris as I think she is without a doubt one of the best comedic actresses out there,still Tisdale does an okay job,it is not as sexually explicit as the original two,with a more slapstick approach,and sight gags the Airplane type films are famous for,with this film not Directed by Zucker,but is still on producing duties.
It isn't a bad film,and is actually hard to buy for some reason in the UK so if you do see it in Poundland get it.