London Has Fallen (2016) Film Review.Millennium Films,G-Base.Directedby Babak Najafi. Distributed by Focus Features, GramercyPictures US,Lionsgate UK. Released on DVD and Bluray 14th June US. 18thJuly UK. Running time 99 minutes.

Olympus Has Fallen, oh shit sorry wrong movie London has Fallen,the carbon copy of the previous movie,starring Gerard Butler,Aaron Eckhart,Morgan Freeman,and Angela Basset,a film with so many plot holes,and being a Brit myself laughable at the American version of how they think the UK and its procedures operate.We have the death of the British Prime Minster dying in a routine hospital operation,to only have Cobra, the British meeting of the top cabinet members,Police chiefs, to arrange the state funeral of the Prime Minister and in record time,with all the security arrangements in place to protect the arrival of all other world leaders.
We have the US President who chooses to arrange his own arrangements,and have his own security detail with Mike Banning (Butler) the one man John McClane who, when push comes to shove can take out a hundred terrorists in a blink of an eye,and can actually dodge a millions rounds of ammunition aimed at him and only catch one bullet,whilst every single one of his hits first time.

This film is preposterous,it is unbelievably dumb,and insulting to the intelligence,but is actually a fun movie, we do have some of the worst CGI used onscreen with some of the worst fake explosions,we have the usual CGI blood effects seen in all action movies now,God I miss the old days of blood squibs. With One Middle Eastern terrorist with a typical Middle Eastern name of Barkawi the arms dealer and only number 6 on the worlds most wanted list,who manages to take down London with his usual goons,dressed as Police Officers, and first responders,with strategically placed Ambulances in locked down areas. They manage to know exactly where all the world leaders will be at the exact moment,thanks to a mole in MI6,with another terrorist with the name Kamron who looks more Western,than Middle Eastern,who wants to Behead the President live on YouTube,and yes they can take the President of the United States,but cannot penetrate Downing Street,leaving the whole British Government safe,to counter attack with the SAS.

As I said if you ignore the stupidity of this movie,it is actually enjoyable,but if you want a more grounded movie about British intelligence watch Spooks The Greater Good,with a more sensible and realistic view on terrorism,especially how the Spooks really break these cells. Gerard Butler with his Scottish American hybrid accent,only doing a slightly better impression than Sean Connery is still a great screen presence,and has a very serious addiction of stabbing people in the head,and likes to say "F@@k) a lot. With Morgan Freeman probably filming his scenes in one day,is being Morgan Freeman,we have Aaron Eckhart doing his very best Jamie Fox impression from White House Down,this time able to carry an automatic weapon,and shoot bad guys,and can drive an armoured Range Rover,even though he admits hasn't been allowed to drive in 6 years,can drive like a pro,even being in the UK can drive a car they get off MI6 that amazingly is right hand drive,even tough all cars in the UK are left hand drive. 
What we have left is a typical American movie,that happens to be set in England,that is completely daft,that has been done better in 24 Live Another Day,Spooks is still the better movie,Olympus,sorry London Has Fallen,is still a blast,if not completely clich├ęd,a movie to watch whilst drunk on a Saturday night,after watching the Football.