The Harvesting (2016) Film Review. Written by Ben Everhart. Directed by Ivan Kraljevic. Distributed by Matchbox Films. Certificate 15 UK running time 92 minutes. Released 18th July 2016 on DVD.

I'll have to admit I didn't mind this film, a film told with two parallel stories,that very cleverly intertwine in the final third. Firstly we see the simple life of an Amish family,farming, living a simple life.
All of a sudden one young man,turns and kills all his brothers with an axe for no apparent reason,then commits suicide by jumping in front of a huge truck on the main Highway, before dying saying "it is too late it is already here". With stories of an evil and un-godly presence in the woods,and only their true Christian faith is keeping it at bay.

We then cut to a young family, with serious  problems in their marriage, due to an affair, on the part of the Wife,and the husband believes the only way to save his family is by moving back to the Amish community he knew and lived by as a child.
The Amish are not known to be the most sociable with outsiders,but from the moment the family move into this house, they are warned to leave. With the same warnings of staying away from the woods.
The problem is instead of the family getting closer, the house seems to be tearing them apart, first changing the behaviour of the children then the adults relationship falls apart drastically. Whilst we cut to the orginal story with the only surviving brother Jacob unable to forgive his brother for the murder of his other siblings,and the shame of not stopping his suicide. With the woods constantly calling to him,just like his brother,with solstice coming the longest day of summer,and a massive pagan relgion associated with the ocult, is taking souls very regualy,is Jacob in trouble of being tempted into the woods, and is the Father tempted also.

We have a film that I thought was reasonably  good, with a really good soundtrack to boot, it was good to see an insight into the Amish relgion,with Witness in the 80's starring Harrison Ford, is one of my favourite non horror films.The twist near the was very good, that did intertwine both stories. My only gripe was the ending was slightly underwhelming,although making complete sense to the rest of the story, it does just end suddenly.
It is a creepy ghost in the woods type movie, with an evil presence all around this peaceful community,with the Amish surviving this constant evil with their own true faith.
The simple thing would be to move,but that is just me saying that,the same with the family,when things are obviously going wrong,and the whole family unit is imploding from within why not leave this rural community,and when the Amish tell you to leave, maybe you should take their words as a warning.
It does have some creepy moments, and some good gore scenes, the truck suicide scene is shocking and very bloody,and we have  a great headshot scene too. This is not the best film I have seen, but not the worst,with the amount of terrible  films I have seen of late I was pleasantly surprised that I did enjoy this.