They're Watching (2015) Film Review. Warsong Entertainment,Best ServedCold Presents a film written and directed by Jay Lender,Micah Wright.Distributed by Amplify. Released March 25th 2016 On VOD,Rated R,running time 95 minutes.

Gridlocked (2015) Film Review. Distributed by Magnet Releasing US, Kaleidoscope UK. Directed by Allan Ungar. Available now on DVD and Bluray US, available In the UK on Netflix,and to buy on 12th September 2016 UK. Rated R Restricted US,15 certificate UK.

Batman The Killing Joke (2016) Film Review. Dc Comics, Warner BrosAnimation. Directed by Sam Liu. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.Released 22nd July On VOD, R Rating,15 certificate UK. Running time 76minutes.

The Harvesting (2016) Film Review. Written by Ben Everhart. Directed by Ivan Kraljevic. Distributed by Matchbox Films. Certificate 15 UK running time 92 minutes. Released 18th July 2016 on DVD.

My Favourite and my top 10 of found footage films.

The Blair Witch (2016) released on general release September, Directed by Adam Wingard. The official sequel to The Blair Witch Project (1999).

Holidays (2016) Film Review. Directed by Kevin Kölsch,Dennis Widmyer,Gary Shore,Nicolas MacCarthy,Sarah Adina Smith.Anthony Scott Burns,Kevin Smith,Scott Stewart,Adam Egypt Mortimer. Production companies XYZ Films, Distant Corners Entertainment. Distributed by Vertical Entertainment US,Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment UK. Available from April 22nd 2016 US, streaming on Netflix UK now.

All Girls Weekend (2016) Film Review.White Lotus Productions, Ash Films, Surewould Presentation. Directed by Lou Simon. Distributed by Uncork'd Entertainment. Released 12th July on VOD, rated R, running time 87 minutes.

Nightmare (2016) Film Review. Directed by Äke Gustafsson, Fredrik Hedberg,Jacob Kondrup. Distributed by 88 films UK, certificate 15, running time 76 minutes.

Darkside (2014) film review. Favorit Films,Red Giant Media, PipelineEntertainment. Directed by Jay Wiesman. Distributed by Uncorked entertainment US, 101 Films UK. Running time 92 minutes. Certificate 15.

THE VVITCH A New England Folktale, (2016) Film Review. Productioncompanies, Parts And Labour, Rooks Nest Entertainment, RT Features.Distributed by A24, Lionsgate US, Universal Pictures UK. Rated R US,Certificate 15 UK, running time 93 minutes.

London Has Fallen (2016) Film Review.Millennium Films,G-Base.Directedby Babak Najafi. Distributed by Focus Features, GramercyPictures US,Lionsgate UK. Released on DVD and Bluray 14th June US. 18thJuly UK. Running time 99 minutes.

Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice ( 2016) Film Review. Directed byZack Snyder. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. Released on Blurayand DVD Tuesday 19th July US. August 1st UK.Running time Theatrical version 153 minutes,extended cut 183 minutes.

Carnage Park (2016) film review.Diablo Entertainment.Distributors IFC Midnight. Directed by Mickey Keating. Rated R,released July 1st 2016 VOD, running time 90 minutes.

Bloodsucking Bosses (2016) Film Review.Distributed by Entertainment One UK. Directed by Brian James O'Connell. Rated R US, Certificate 15 UK, running time 87 minutes. Released May 16th 2016.

Kill Command (2016) film review. Distributed by Signature Entertainment UK.Directed but Steven Gomez. Certificate 15, running time 97 minutes.

The Banshee Chapter (2013) Film Review.Directed by Blair Erickson.Distributed by XLrator Media US,and 101 Films UK

The Brothers Grimsby (2015) Film Review. Big Talk Productions, Four By Two Films,L Star Capital,Village Roadshow Pictures and Working Title Films.Distributed by Columbia Pictures. Directed by Louis Leterrier. Certificate R US, 15 DVD, 18 Bluray UK. Running time 83 minutes. Already available in US, released this week 4th July 2016 UK.

The Giver (2014) Film review. Distributed by The Weinstein Company. Produced by Neil Koenigsberg, Nikki Silver. Directed by Phillip Noyce. Certificate PG13 US, 12 UK,running time 97 minutes.

Scary Movie 5 (2013) Film Review. Brad Grey Pictures, Dimension Films. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee Distributed by Dimension films,and The Weinstein Company. Entertainment In Video UK. Certificate R, 15, running time 89 minutes unrated version.