The Remaining (2014) Film Review. Triumph Films. Directed by Casey La Scala. Distributed by Affirm Films US,Sony Pictures Home Entertainment UK.

The Remaining, or a party political broadcast from the Christian Party that if you do not give yourself to God you will die a horible death and be tortured for the rest of our days.
Sorry being a little over dramatic but that was the impression I got from this film,another end of days films,about the rapture,from the New Testament and book of revelations,that all believers will leave their mortal bodies behind,and be rewarded with eternal life. All non believers or sinners will remain on Earth and be tortured for seven years by Demons, it will rain fire and ice,earthquakes like never seen,and apocalyptic lighting. The strange thing is that this film actually is not that bad,part found footage,the other part is filmed naturally,with likeable characters,and being filmed on what is normally the happiest day of your life,your wedding day,to only have half your guests,including your parents drop down dead suddenly,with planes dropping from the sky.

This film is twice the film Jeurzalem was,not quite as good legion,which surprisingly was slated,but actually was less religious than this film,with so many films,mainly comedy ones such as This Is The End,and Rapture Paloza,even the Tv series The Leftovers dealt with this idea. It also reminded me of a work friend I worked with who was extremely religious,and believed in the rapture,and his wife playing a trick on him,leaving the clothes she was wearing on the floor,then hiding,and him believing that his wife was taken without him,he never found it funny,but everyone else did at work.

Anyhow back to this film, it is surprisingly good,great tension,the sound used,especially the winged creatures flying in the sky,is amazing,I only wished I owed a decent surround system,then again I do watch most films with headphones,to still get that surround stereo sound.but the sound effects were really good,the acting was surprisingly good,usually these types of films the acting ranges from poor to oh my god,but it was really decent. Alexa Vega the little girl from Spy Kids has grown into a beautiful woman as the Bride Skylar, we have Shaun Sipos,who starred in Rampage,that I reviewed last week,he also starred in Texas Chainsaw,the other actors though good,and myself not recognising them in any film I like, but Byran Dechart and Johnny Pacar were decent also. 
I liked the fact that this film was not filmed entirely on camcorder,and being a found footage film,although some scenes do rely on this footage, the film is actually okay,not quite horror enough for me, I was hoping for a little more bloodshed,but the film I'm warning you has a serious religious message,it is almost like one of those Christian movies you can buy,that go straight to DVD,usually always apocalyptic about end of days,with the message that it is never too late to turn to God,that is the message I got from this movie,and to me it was quite strong,I like to watch a film for entertainment,I thought that this film in the end was a little to preachy for me.