Pride And Prejudice And Zombies. (2016) Film Review.Distributed by Lionsgate. Screen Gems. Director by Burr Steers. Released on DVD and Bluray 27th June 2016. Certificate 15 running time 108 minutes.

Oh one sure decided to watch the wrong film tonight,it was this or Victor Frankenstein,and I choose this. A film that is neither satire,or even a comedy movie, spending far too much time on the costume drama,with admittedly very high production values,and very good actors,who are normally accustomed to the odd period drama.

The thing that struck me was it was incredibly boring,like a period drama would be,with a silly side plot of Zombies. Not a satire type of movie I thought it would be. Sticking far to closely to the story of the Bennett sisters like in the Jane Austin original. As I said it is devoid of any comedy satire,it apparently wants to be,and is not scary enough to be a horror either.

Just a terrible movie,a very confused movie to say the least. A film that completely missed its mark,a film that could have actually been a very clever hybred Into drama and horror,but failing miserably on all fronts. Yes it is well acted,good production values, looking like an expensive period drama,like you would see on the BBC, but I never wanted to see that I wanted to see horror, I wanted to see Zombies,which you see very little of. Just a director and writer thinking they are being extremely clever and smug,to produce a film,that they probably assume is hilarious, it is not!! I'm still confused to what audience this was aiming at,which ever one it was it fails on all fronts, a major disappointment,at least it does come with some great extras,and for once at least giving the home viewer something else to watch,and not the usual vanilla disk,so I have upgraded it to,