Dark Skies (2013) Film Review Produced by Entertainment One,Blumhouse Productions. Directed by Scott Stewart.

Although this is not a great film I can relate to the story,a story of a family targeted by Alien Beings,intent on abducting their child. Why can I relate to this story,well it is based on a boy who may have had been visited by Alien beings as a very young child. Afterwards being quite ill. Having a lot of  childhood illnesses,fits,and seizures. Well I had a similar experience when I was young,a bright light surrounding me,unable to speak and communicate,I lost the use in my legs a few days later,which came back,but baffled doctors,as they put it down to a psychological trauma. Yes I had a lot of fits and seizures as a child,all Of them checked out,and it wasn't high temperature fits,or even epilepsy,something I just grew out of.

It turns out like in this movie if that happened,you have had a very high chance of being involved in some extraterrestrial encounter,as this expert tells the parents in this film.
With the film not being a horror as such, not even really a sci fi movie,but more a psychological movie,about the strange happenings that happen to this poor family.

The film allowed me in as the explanations in this film got me thinking and researching afterwards,I'm still scared to approach a professional,in case they believe I am mad,and terrified of having regression therapy,in case I find out what really happened. But even to this day I have a heightened sense of awareness around me,a feeling of a purpose,strange and vivid dreams of trying to stop something,or go somewhere. This feeling has been with me from my whole childhood life to my adult life now.

This film as I said is not the best,but it certainly got me thinking,and the director had this same approach and did a lot of research before this film was made.
The film is not the scariest film I have seen, Alien Abduction,or Fire In The Sky is far more terrifying,but is an interesting film to make you think what if ?
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