Basie-Moi (2000) Film Review. Directed by Virginie Despentes, Coralie Trinh Thi. Distributed by Universal UK.

The first film to push the boundaries of pornographic sex,with violence,we have Baise Moi,or translated into(fuck me).
A French film made,in my opinion,to deliberately upset,offend,with it being banned in many countries,for its violence,and pornographic sex scenes.

A film that just isn't sure what it wants to be,a revenge movie,a feminist, hating men movie,or just a violence for violence sake type of film.
With it being co directed by Virginie Despentes,and Coralie Trinh Thi,a director,and star in various Pornographic movies. Starring Karen Lancaume,and Raffaela Anderson,both porn actresses,gives this film from the start,amateurish acting,and terrible directing,using HD camera's,but using no artificial light,giving it a grainy,home movie feel to it.

With the DVD extras of the directors,giving talks,and college lectures,trying to condone the film,which the film itself destroys its own message two thirds in,that the violence spree,doesn't actually make these women any more empowered. And using sex as a weapon, kind of destroys the logic,and notion that to avenge being raped early on in the film,the only way to fight back,is by degrading yourself once more,have more sex,and then kill that person.

The violent scenes,and sex scenes are not needed,and adds nothing more to the film,it just makes the film even more offensive,with one scene in particular involving oral sex,then spitting the semen at the man,and stamping on him,and crushing his head with stilettos,till he is dead,for the one reason,and reason only he is a man.
I'm not just saying this because I am Male,but the film and the non message it puts out,is just as offensive to both sexes,that to avenge rape,and anger problems is to resort to violence,and sexual violence at that.
 A terrible film,that is violent for violent sake,and is just basically an insult to your intelligence.