Playing With Dolls, Bloodlust (2016) Directed by I Do Not Care. Produced by I Do Not Care Either.Distributed by anyone who will watch this garbage.

Can I introduce probably the worst Horror film ever made, yes I can deal with low budget,bad acting,films made to be deliberately bad,such as almost every Troma release,but with this film being totally serious,it is incredible how awful it is.
A film that although,had been done similar before,has a decent idea,four actors taking part in reality type TV show,based in the woods in the middle of nowhere,whilst being filmed,whilst being stalked,by a serial killing man-monster.

With the usual movie stereotypes,the big breasted woman,the Blonde,the muscular hunk,and the geek,my problem with this is,we have a decent serial killer,or slasher,with barbed wire wrapped around his head,but apart from the first kill in the opening seconds,we do not see any of the characters we are introduced too,die on film.
The biggest gripe of all,the best looking woman,with the fabulous breasts,we have to wait till the 45 minute mark before they pop out.
With a budget of a least a few Dollars,I'm betting at least $30,00 was spent on this movie,in production costs. The movie ends at 1 hour and 13 minutes,mid fight with the bad guy,so we do not know even how the film ends. Obviously ran out of the $30,00 budget,and had to end the film early.

I really cannot stress how bad this film is,the acting,the direction,the piss-poor crappy 80's style soundtrack,the most obvious use of copyright material,with the characters arriving at the cabin,with what can only be described as the opening bars to U2 and The Edge's, Goldeneye.
A crappy,insult to intelligence,a film so fu##Ing bad,that I would rather stab myself in my eyes,to never watch this again. AVOID,AVOID,AVOID please.