Eat Film Review. (2014). Edited,Written,and Directed by Jimmy Weber.

Although the premise of this film is a horrible one,a failed actress,who takes self harm to the next level,the message of this movie,is a very clever one,how many films actually deal with mental illness,yet alone,one about self harm,that many people with depression,unfortunately do. Yes we do not eat ourselves literally,but the whole self harm thing,is about hating yourself that much,you want to punish yourself,and by doing so inflicting pain on yourself.

What profession,is more demeaning,and soul destroying,than acting,something that can literally eat you away to the core. Failed auditions,not being liked,seeing others succeed,whilst you fail,to the strongest of minds,it must be soul destroying,but to someone,who knows thier age is against them,a damaged soul anyway,how can you possibly compete with the twenty something's who are willing to suck as much d##k,to get the role they want.

This is a companion piece to Starry Eyes,which is about the same profession,where that film is about selling your soul,and who you are to become famous,this is about the whole idea of self confidence issues,and although you are probably gorgeous on the outside,the only person who can hurt you more is yourself,with self loathing,which goes hand in hand with lack of self esteem,and confidence.

Please do not be put off from the gore,and blood,that most reviews,have taken great pleasure in talking about,in great detail,I actually believe so many reviews have actually missed the point the director was trying to make,yes the scenes are horrible,and the ending is a little preposterous,and the acting in places is not the best,but it is a very sad film,about a beautiful soul,who unfortunately cannot see it for herself.

I think in anyone who has suffered from depression,anxiety and low self esteem,there is a little of Novella Maclure in all of us. Of cause we never actually want to eat ourselves,but the hating of ourselves,and low self esteem will always be there.
A very brave film to make.