THE BIGFOOT TAPES (2013)Film Review. Directed by Stephon Stewart.Distributed by Signature UK.

I will be honest with you all I found this film in my local pound shop,sealed,brand new i thought well only a quid so I gave it a go. Distributed by Signature films,who are quite an upcoming DVD production company with over 250 titles now of independent films.

What can I say is it is not the best to be honest,but trust me I have seen a hell of a lot worse,and even paid more money for worse films. Yes once again it is of the found footage genre,then again these films are cheaper to make,produce, so it is why a lot of first time directors use this method of filming.

 This film though should really be brought under the UK laws trade and descriptions act,as the film doesn't really contain a Bigfoot monster at all. As the DVD cover suggest,I think the film makers were going on the back of Troll Hunter,to encourage views. This film is a simple one,and very short at 79 minutes long,about a threesome of film makers doing a documentary on the legendary Bigfoot, in the California backwoods. Now we mustn't confuse the Legendary Bigfoot, with The Abominable Snowman, or the famous Sasquatch,as they go to great lengths to explain the differences in this film.

The threesome arrive in California to visit the backwoods Siskiyou County,to interview the locals,and talk to a genuine witness to the Bigfoot monster who ripped apart his dog,and you hear his 911 call to police at the start of the film. Now I'm being honest you never really know if you see the monster or not. As the threesome get further lost in the Forrest,and a run in with a local,who tells them they are trespassing on his land. We never really know if the thing terrorising them in the woods at night really a monster,or a bunch of hillbillies trying to scare the bejesus out of them.

 The  film does have genuine tensions,and I did feel uneasy at some points,yes the acting is not great,but then not terrible. I just wished the word F@@k wasn't used so often, as one actor these are his only words in the final 15 minutes of the film. I'm not going to spoil the ending or put any spoilers in. But a lot of criticism has come about the ending in this. Well my opinion I think it was a truthful ending,and a lesson sometimes that things aren't meant to be found sometimes. And if a guy you meet says get off my land,bloody do your best to get off it.

The first time director,writer and actor in this I think did an average job. So Stephon Stewart be proud of your effort,a bigger budget on this,could have made this a better film,still it isn't terrible,just not the best either.